To vote absentee you must be a registered voter of the city/county where you are applying.


To Vote Absentee

To vote absentee in Virginia, you need a qualifying reason. Select only one from the list of reasons below. Some of the reasons require supporting information. When one of those reasons is selected, a text box will appear for you to fill in the supporting information. A separate form is required for each voter and for each election.

First-Time Voters

First-time voters 65 or younger who registered by mail may vote absentee by mail only if their qualifying reason is on of the following:

Absent Military and Overseas Voters

You are encouraged to use the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) which also serves as a voter registration application. To obtain the FPCA and information, visit Submitting this Virginia Absentee Ballot Application form will be interpreted as a request by you to discontinue any pending FPCA.

Apply Early

You can apply to vote absentee as early as one year before the election. Ballots are available 45 days before most elections. If you register to vote in person, you must wait five days before you can vote in person or have your ballot mailed to you.

The deadline for receipt of your application to vote absentee by mail is 5:00 PM the Tuesday before the Election.

Delivery of Ballot

Your ballot can only be mailed to one of the following:

  1. Voter's residence address
  2. Voter's location while outside voter's residence county/city; or
  3. Place of temporary confinement for illness, disability, misdemeanor conviction or awaiting trial.

No ballot may be sent in care of any other person.